tekst piosenki:

1. I was so close but everything is lost
I wanted so much but there was no power in the world

I start to arrange, build, plan my life in my head
I'm starting to choose and I'm starting to die
I feel like I'm crazy

Ref: I could do so much, but I lost my chance
I believed in you but your faith in me has run out
I chose furniture for our home, where we will never live
I can see the colors of the walls that will not remember us

2. I considered every move, your body is my sanctuary
I believed in your words, which were like bullets aimed at me

I am beginning to fall, without hope
that something more awaits me
I can see how much I missed and I feel anger in my lungs
'cause we couldn't give each other more

Ref: I could do so much...

I'm sorry
słowa: Krzysztof Kreft
muzyka: Tadeusz Korthals