tekst piosenki:

1.  It never sounds the same
I never sound the same
but something hits me right in my heart
sometimes I roll my eyes
sometimes it's rolling me
but I can listen to this for the rest of my life
like an old vinyl
i'm living like that
I gave myself but they always left me behind
like an old vinyl
I wanna live like that
someday you'll leave me in the basement
Ref: I wanna be there
where you listen to me all day
I wanna be the honey to your ears
I could take your time,
spend all night with you
but tomorrow you'll lead me
2. My condition is bad
I feel like i'm scratched
i'll never be the same
sometimes i'm looking at you
from the other corner of your room
but i'm glad you still have me
this old vinyl
i'm standing there
i'm looking at world from inside
like an old vinyl
you still keep me
but you know that you don't need me
Ref: I wanna be there...
I wanna be there
where you know me that well
I wanna fill your home with myself
I could take your time
spend another evening with you
but tomorrow you'll be bored with me 
słowa: Krzysztof Kreft
muzyka: Tadeusz Korthals