tekst piosenki:

1. In my life I imagined
that I could feel better than now
In my life I thought
that I could fly but I don't have a wings
maybe I feel better
maybe I feel stronger
maybe it'll be better
but you came with your curse
Ref: I told myself I don't need them - painkillers
I told myself I don't need them in my life - painkillers
2. In my life I'm keeping
a demon that takes away everything
from my open heart
I truly thought only you can set me free
Ref: I told myself...
Bridge: maybe i am stupid
maybe i am naive
maybe i should take a handfull
i'm begging you to take it away from me
Ref: I told myself...
słowa: Krzysztof Kreft
muzyka: Tadeusz Korthals