Oldschool Couch

tekst piosenki:

1.  We are lying here again
in the same poses and different times
I saw Christmas lights
when I was walking to you for the first time
and remember city sounds
from your open window in winter
sometimes I feel like you don't even notice me
Ref: I was scared that I can lose you so easily
I was scared that I can't give you more than you need
but we're making love on your oldschool couch
but everytime it's always the same
2. I know your oldschool heart
in yours I see that you're still in the past
i'm listening how you’re breathing
even when you're asleep
but now you don't remember me
Ref: I was scared...
Your last message was "I fell in love"
and I only heard: "we're living together
and we have a dog"
I knew what you wanted to say and you did it
from my phone I heard "don't call me again"
słowa: Krzysztof Kreft
muzyka: Tadeusz Korthals