Is Your Love Big Enough?

tekst piosenki:

1.  I remember when you found me
I was broken and I stopped believing
people asked me how I feel
but I didn't know
I met so many people and I thought
"they know better than me
cause they are older, have more experience"
and I thought it's true
Ref: When the wind blows in your direction
I ask myself a question
is your love big enough to love me
with everything I have
is your love big enough?
2. I remember I was at home
when you found me
I used to sing to you under your balcony
it would look like a movie scene
it was two years ago
and I would like to start over again
don't throw me away like a promise
written on the paper, thrown into a corner
Ref: When the wind blows...
I remember everything you told me
I remember when you held me in your arms
słowa: Krzysztof Kreft
muzyka: Tadeusz Korthals

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