Dancing On The Table

tekst piosenki:

1.  Do you know?
do you know my moves?
I could let you groove in my room
I wanna dance all night long
and scream and shout
come with me, baby
Can you feel the pleasure?
can you feel the heat on my skin?
can you feel the beat of my heart
or someone on my radar?
I don't wanna feel the pain
I wanna fill your veins and again...
Hey you, dance for me
be the one I need
lay next to me
tonight dance with me
Ref: Dance with me on the table
I wanna show you my moves
I wanna fuck with you on the table
don't stop me now
baby don't stop me now
2. Do you know what I want to say
or show you when it's dark?
You know me as a good guy
no one can stop me now
no one can show me how
how to breathe faster
when you know it will be harder
when you know it will be better
I wanna show you my moves,
you'll never be in a better mood
słowa: Krzysztof Kreft
muzyka: Tadeusz Korthals