Can't Handle The Truth

tekst piosenki:

1. 1. You thought I can't handle the truth
but the truth is that you're scared
maybe someday it will be easier
but now you're stuck in the middle of yourself
I thought I knew you all too well
but you were my illusion
maybe tonight I'll leave you
but now i'm stuck in you 
Ref: I wanna drown, drown
and fall on the bottom
I wanna lose my body and my soul
and feel you but still you can't get me
2. You thought I can't do it right
but the right version of this story is
that we are blind and maybe someday
you'll fill all of my heart
I thought I control this part
but you didn't want to be here
maybe tonight i'll believe
that I can live like that
Ref: I wanna drown...
Tell me your secrets
tell me what you do at night
when no one can see you
and you just can't be here
tell me it's over
tell me you don't have any other vice
słowa: Krzysztof Kreft
muzyka: Tadeusz Korthals